For those who neither have river
nor waterway* available:

Edition Krill
Fugbachgasse 12/21
1020 Vienna/Austria

* The garrison of the watchtowers on the Great Wall of China communicated via fire beacon. Queen Victoria used the Morse code to transmit a message addressed to the laying of the first deep-sea cable between Ireland and Newfoundland. Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary delivered the news of their ascent of Mount Everest by radio… To all the options of sending a message, we at Edition Krill of course prefer the bottle message.

You received a book of the flotilla?

Then simply follow the instructions in the front cover. Should the instructions have gone walkabout, please feel free to .

Latest inventory taken by our quartermaster:

Books travelling/lost: 12/(?)
Overall distance covered: 74,349 km
Continents perambulated: 3
Book-owners to date: 27