The Logbook of Edition Krill’s Honorable Book Flotilla

Twelve books, one expedition.

In May 2009, Edition Krill has released an alliance of twelve blank books on to an adventurous journey. Launched from Austria and sent to people all over the world, these books—each proudly carrying its own name according to seafarer custom—serve as research vessels, dedicated to gather load in the form of people's imagination. Like ships they since travel from human to human as from island to island, and together they form Edition Krill's Honorable Book Flotilla. Read more about the idea…

Preparations: Building the flotilla
Instructions: What shall be done with the books

Travel advice #1 — Suggestions for those who sense a desire to travel about the world, too:

If you plan on a longer expedition, pay attention to a varied and well-balanced diet and particularly to well organized leisure activities. That will not only keep morale high among the crew but also provides for the necessary bit of culture on board. As early as 1914, Sir Ernest Shackleton was aware of this wisdom, as he took an extensive library, a record player, and a piano on board the «Endurance».

Follow the flotilla on its journey

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Latest tidings

Joel from London with The Hotspur, February 2012.

The flotilla

The Abacus
The Balancier
The Beacon
The Branchfork
The Cumulus
The Deep Sea Marble
The Earl of Dike
The Greenland
The Hotspur
The Icy Water Dabber
The Sister
The Tidal Range


How the flotilla was built

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