The Balancier

In a state of equilibrium

This interjection of French may be conceived as a genuflection to linguistic elegance. Quick to mind comes the circus artist, flying high above sawdusted grounds and wondering eyes—an audience astonished by pure body control. Nonetheless, we would like to raise the hat to the blacksmith Thomas Newcomen, who successfully took his first steam engine (with its so-called «Great Balanced Beam») into operation in 1712. Bravo Thomas, and keep it up!

Actually, balancier means balance wheel and describes a technical achievement for stabilizing functions in moving systems, especially clockworks. The German word for this is Unruh. Where Unruh stands for disquietness, balancier and balance wheel evoke the idea of equilibrium. Hence, may the naming of things also provide information about the culture that has shaped these words?

Day 23 in the bookshelf. The situation remains unchanged. — The Balancier

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Peter Umgeher
Vienna, Austria