On the idea of travelling books

Far away cities, strange countries, unknown cultures—none of that may any longer be discovered on the maps of geographical institutes. And even though other continents can be reached easily within a few hours' flight, the traditional «travel adventure» doesn't necessarily have to come to an end.

Glittering icebergs, speaking parrots, wild apes, enormous coconuts—one may worry that these things don't exist any longer. But not at all! In the form of ideas, conceptions, and fantasies there are still worlds yet unenvisioned, islands never trod upon, and strange and savage people waiting to be discovered in the human mind.

Thus, Edition Krill's Honorable Book Flotilla has launched an expedition to explore this terra incognita. Twelve initially blank books were sent to twelve different people all over the world. Included with the books they received an invitation to help filling the vessels' pages with whatever comes to their mind, and afterwards let them sail on to people and shores yet unknown to us. In doing so the books may gather load as exotic as the stowage of the old hanseatic cogs and eventually return to us filled with history and stories.

Meanwhile, we enjoy the idea of reversing the means of a publishing house by releasing blank books and get them back with entirely uninfluenced contents. Provided that our flotilla returns after a number of months or even years, we consider presenting its load to a wider audience.

Spitting cherry pits from the crow's nest into the sea,

Wolfgang Gosch & Virgil Guggenberger,
Edition Krill.